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This is where I collect my notes for Knuth’s “The Art of Computer Programming”

On Asymptotic Methods in Analysis: Prof. de Bruijn’s beautiful little book

For the past several days, I’ve been working my way through Prof. N.G. de Bruijn’s book Asymptotic Methods in Analysis; and I want to share some of the fun I’ve had reading it.

This post is not a review or anything (here’s an image of the back cover with some reviews). Below are just fragments of what I’ve read so far and found fascinating. Continue reading

Solving Project Euler Problems 161 (Trominoes Tiling) and 185 (Number Mind) with ZDDs

Some months ago, I was re-introduced to Project Euler (PE) through the blogosphere. I had visited that site before, but had been left unmotivated by the first dozen or so problem statements that I read — neither the programming nor the math involved anything new or challenging. Only in the past few months, when I attempted to crack some of the harder nuts, did I realize how interesting many PE problems could be — requiring a neat algorithm (or invoking a crucial theorem) for an efficient solution. Continue reading

Fun with ZDDs: Notes from Knuth’s 14th Annual Christmas Tree Lecture

Don Knuth

In this entry, I’ll attempt to record the important ideas Knuth presented in his 14th Annual Christmas Tree Lecture, part of his regular Computer Musings.

While I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend the lecture in person, I did go through the recording that, thankfully, was quite well done. Like all other “musings”, this one included some fascinating anecdotal bits (no pun intended) and Knuth’s good sense of humor was sprinkled throughout; but most noticeable was his infectious enthusiasm for the topics he spoke about. Continue reading