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RtlWriteDecodedUcsDataIntoSmartLBlobUcsWritingContext and Other Long Function Names

Every reader should ask himself periodically “Toward what end, toward what end?” — but do not ask it too often lest you pass up the fun of programming for the constipation of bittersweet philosophy.

— Alan J. Perlis [foreword to SICP]

RtlWriteDecodedUcsDataIntoSmartLBlobUcsWritingContext (53 characters)

I find long functions names charming — I think they impart a certain personality to the API and add to the fun of programming. And while I try to avoid excessively long names in my own code at work (unless they add to clarity), I never fail to get a good kick seeing such names used by other programmers! Continue reading

Kernighan & Plauger on Programming Style

Last week I finished reading Kernighan & Plauger‘s beautiful book The Elements of Programming Style, the classic that pioneered the term programming style. I’ve excerpted below some rules of style from that book. I hope these get you excited to reading the book too!

Continue reading

Solving Project Euler Problems 161 (Trominoes Tiling) and 185 (Number Mind) with ZDDs

Some months ago, I was re-introduced to Project Euler (PE) through the blogosphere. I had visited that site before, but had been left unmotivated by the first dozen or so problem statements that I read — neither the programming nor the math involved anything new or challenging. Only in the past few months, when I attempted to crack some of the harder nuts, did I realize how interesting many PE problems could be — requiring a neat algorithm (or invoking a crucial theorem) for an efficient solution. Continue reading